Summer is a great season but it can be dangerous if you don't take care of yourself. So, make sure to be careful so you can make the most of your summer ♥

Wear sunscreen and remember to re-apply it
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Find the correct type for your screen and prefer to buy one from a pharmacy rather than a cosmetics store or the supermarket and make sure to re-apply it every two-three hours.
Take breaks from the sun
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Sunbathing is fun but remember to seek shade now and then. Especially during the noon when the sun is the most dangerous.
Protect your eyes
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That practically means a pretty pair of sunglasses and a cute hat. The sun can be really harmful for your eyes so stay protected.
Stay Hydrated
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Hydration could mean; dry skin, lack of appetite headaches etc. Get your fluids kids.
Eat Well
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Lack of nutrients especially in summer could result in bad mood and low blood pressure.
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Summer is a good time to exercise, you burn easier and you make good use of your free time. Just remember to eat well and drink water.
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Take good care of your skin, salt water and the sun can really harm it.
Take care of your hair
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Lemon, honey, coconut oil are your best friends.
Wake up Early
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Wake up early and enjoy your day. Make use of your free time to take up new hobbies, go out with friends or even work if you like.

❋ Bonus ❋

Homemade Lemonade Recipes
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credit for the recipes goes to @lifecare.ig on instagram

10-12 servings

  • 1 1/2 cups of lemon
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 5 cups of water

Strawberry Lemonade 🍓
base + 1 1/2 cups of blended strawberries

Watermelon Lemonade 🍉
base + 5 cups of watermelon juice

Lime/Mint Lemonade 🍋
base + 1 1/2 cups fresh lime juice + 2 springs of chopped fresh mint

Sparkling Mint Lemonade 🌿
base + 1 cup of fresh mint leaves + 2 cups of sparkling water

Pineapple Lemonade 🍍
base + 1 cup of pineapple juice + 1 lime squeezed

Detox Water Recipes
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credit goes to; @SelfTipss on Instagram

🍊 cranberry + orange + strawberry
🍉 watermelon + rosemary
🍍 pineapple + mint
🍋 lemon + ginger root
🍓 strawberry + lemon + grapefruit

Facemasks for your skin type
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credit goes to; @ selfcarebae on Instagram

Gel Masks ; suitable for all skin types

Clay masks ; suitable for oily skin

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Cream masks ; suitable for dry skin

Sheet Masks ; suitable for all skin types

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Tips on waking up easily
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credits go to; selfcaresi on Instagram

- put your alarm clock across the room
- drink cold water or green tea as soon as you wake up
- create morning routines
- before bed make the room dark so you can sleep easier
- keep a sleep log
- keep a diary
- no phone before bed
- sleep with a good temperature in the room

I was inspired to do this now that summer is coming and it kind of works as a reminder for me too. Hope you liked it.
Keep safe babes ♥

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