Saw this on the discover page and thought I'd try it. My name is Audrea btw.

Ariel Winter for A

actress, celebrities, and celebrity image 20, happy birthday, and modern family image Image by xBeautifullyDisturbedx ariel, beautiful, and winter image

Honestly I love Ariel so much. She's so bold and beautiful.

Uma Thurman for U

batman, poison ivy, and red image Abusive image batman, poison ivy, and pretty image kill bill image

Two of my favorite Uma roles. She's so incredibly talented.

Deepika Padukone for D

actress, bollywood, and deepika padukone image Image by Mira.Kh actress, beautiful, and beauty image Image by Maria

Deepika is an actual goddess and no one can tell me otherwise.

Ryan Destiny for R

ryan, beauty, and ryan destiny image beauty, ryan destiny, and ryandestiny image destiny, ryan, and star image star, brownskin, and melanin image

I'm convinced Ryan isnt real. There's no way someone that beautiful actually exists on earth. Also Ryan on Star is amazing.

Evan Peters for E

evan peters, american horror story, and ahs image evan peters image evan peters, ahs, and american horror story image evan peters, x-men, and quicksilver image

I really love how Evan dives into his characters. His such an amazingly talented actor. Hes kinda strange though but I like it.

Avan Jogia for A

guy, avan jogia, and Hot image avan jogia, boy, and Hot image boy, Hot, and avan jogia image avanjogia image

Im still not over Avan as Beck honestly. What a beautiful man

Hope you guys enjoyed this because I loved making it haha.