so recently i've been really wanting to redo my room, i want my room to have lots of plants and look almost minimalistic but also a little bit rustic. idk but here are a few ideas which i think are cute and also what i want to do in my room.

1. plants!

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plants are so cute and add a lovely homey feel. my mom hates the idea of having so many plants, she says that'll make my room look like a jungle. but i absolutely love the idea of having so many plants, but i'll kill them all :(

2. flower wall!

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this looks so cute, ahhh! if you just hang a few or a lot it'll look so nice. i also think if you made a little arrangement with your friends to pick and dry the flowers that'll make them have more of a meaning as to why they're in ur room. but like if u just want to do it urself then thats cool!

3. letter board!

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the thing that i love most about these is that it looks like the older days movie boards and i think that's really adorable! it's also cute as you can put your own things on it, i would definitely put my favourite quote on one and put it up.

4. record player!

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record players are like my favourite rn, i've wanted one forever but the only cost efficient one is a crosley and they're apparently are not that great even though they look super cute. i also have like 7 records but not a single record player haha, i just love collecting records and i can't wait to collect more once i have a record player.

5. round mirror!

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these round mirrors have been all over the gram and i want one badly. i think they look so good with plants, like look at that first picture, heaven!

6. polaroid picture wall!

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yes i know that i'm very late on this trend, but i honestly love the idea of having printed out photos that once they're taken they can't be retaken. also a polaroid is super cute and just would make me so happy to see all the memories with my friends. but i highly doubt that i'll ever get a polaroid wall as i don't have a polaroid camera :(

7. decorative vines!

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once again my mom hates the idea haha, but i love it. urban outfitters actually sell them as a set which is cool. these are so cute and add a homey vibe, i'll for sure be getting these for my room!

8. candles!

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candles are so nice for when you're relaxing or for when you have a face mask on, and i love scented ones because they make your room smell so nice. i highly recommend the bath and body works candles as they're so good (my favourite one is the mahogany teakwood one!).

9. string lights!

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if u thought string lights were out then u were wrong! everybody still adores string lights and they add such a nice look to your bedroom. they're also very easy to put up and take down. the little lightbulb string lights are also very cute!

10. wall grids!

bedroom, white, and decor image Image by kaylin davidson Image by kaylin davidson Image by kaylin davidson
these are so cute and look so handy! i love how these look and how you can literally put anything on them! also they look very minimalistic which is cool.

i hope you love all these ideas like i do! some are quite odd but they just look so cute and i'll definitely add these to my room.

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