Overseas or or to your neighborhood town, traveling is a great way to relax and spend time away from your day to day life.

2.Do a movie marathon!
Watch all the movies you wanted to over the year, but never got the chance to!

3.Find your style!
Experiment with different styles and clothes!Fine the one you like the most and feel the most confident in!

4.Read a book!
Book are a great way to pass time and enjoy a few quiet moments alone with your thoughts!

5.Catch up with friends!
Make some memories with the crazy people you call your second family!

6.Re-decorate your room!
It's time to make your dream room your actual room!

7.Go to a concert!
The people, the artists, the music, the feel!

8.Go thrift shopping!
Treasure hunt time !

9.Declutter your closet!
Throw out the old stuff so you will have more space for new stuff!