okay so I saw this going around and I thought it looked fun so here it goes!

1. Name


2. Height


3. age

Ya girl is 21

cake, flowers, and 21 image Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee

4. birthday

I was born on April 15th

zodiac, astrology, and Libra image aries, astrology, and symbol image

5. Girl Bff

My girl Polly

6. Guy Bff

My boyfriend, Ezra

7. Crush

Ezra lol... yes I have a major crush on my man

couple, love, and boy image couple, love, and boy image

8. Ever fell in love

Yes, as a matter of fact ;-)

9. Favorite food

Mexican food, chicken fingers and french fries, and a good salad

food image food, mexican, and taco image Chicken, chicken wings, and delicious image food, raw, and salad image

10. Last text

"Got the mail"

11. longest relationship

The one I'm currently in. It is my first serious relationship and we have been together for a year now :-)

12. battery percentage

51% I've been at work all day, so I haven't been on my phone much

13. Eye color


eyes, yellow, and aesthetic image eyes, makeup, and green image

14. Addiction


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15. Favorite song

My favorite all time song is 'Call Me Irresponsible" by Frank Sinatra! I will never not love that song

frank sinatra, vintage, and black and white image frank sinatra, vintage, and cigarette image

16. favorite animal

Dog/killer whale

animal, orca, and whale image Image removed

17. Sing in the shower


18. One wish

Okay, this is cliche; but I never want to get to a point where I wish I had done things differently. I never want regret to consume me

19. Best time in your life

Oh wow.... um probably when me and my family went to disney world when I was little. But I must say that I don't think that there is a single best time I've ever had... I have so many memories that I cherish

disneyland and magic kingdom image disney, castle, and Dream image disney, disneyland, and fun image disney, disneyland, and castle image

20. Country you live in

United States of America

21. Pets

I have dogs and cats!! (The cats are my sister's)

cats, pets, and dogs image dog, cute, and animal image

22. Plan on getting married

Hell yeah!

dress and wedding image couple, wedding, and jump image

23. Favorite subject


girls, history, and pictures image Image removed

24. First kiss

I had my first kiss at the lake when I was 17

25. Insecure

Yes. I am very insecure.... but I'm working on it

26. Ever self harmed


27. Who you love

My family, friends, boyfriend

friends, girl, and beach image boy, kissing, and couple image

28. Miss anyone

Of course

miss, quotes, and i miss you image quotes, movie, and one day image
My lost loved ones, pets, and old friends

29. Hair color

Ya girl is a brunette

girl, hair, and black image hair, girl, and long hair image

30. Relationship status

Taken and happy

goals, Relationship, and relationship goals image couple, love, and goals image couple, love, and goals image love, couple, and kiss image

31. Last song you heard

Girls like you by Maroon 5-- Idc what anyone says, that song is catchy af

Lyrics, maroon 5, and musik image behati, gif, and maroon5 image
The music video is fun af also

32. Biggest fear

Failure; dying with an unfulfilled life; human trafficking

33. Believe in ghosts

Yes. I belive in spirits, ghosts, demons, etc

ghost, sad, and quotes image boo, ghost, and Halloween image

34. Something you hate

When people tear others down for their own gain/feelings

35. Favorite tv show

Friends and the vampire diaries

chandler, Joey, and monica image friends, rachel, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image damon, funny, and harsh image the vampire diaries, paul wesley, and ian somerhalder image

36. Favorite movie

Remember the titans and the harry potter movies

Image by Allison Rodríguez. remember the titans image harry potter, hermione granger, and emma watson image harry potter, harry, and hermione granger image

37. Favorite book

I love a lot of books! I don't know if I have a favorite. But one I recently read and devoured is called The Wife Between Us. So good and not at all what I expected

aesthetic, books, and cafe image book, disney, and rapunzel image

38. Jealous of

Beautiful girls, fit girls, strong girls, basically girls in general-- Another thing I'm working on

39. Star sign


40. Middle name


41. Worst habit

Picking at my hair and biting my nails

42. Number of siblings

I have one sister

friends, girl, and summer image bro, mad, and quotes image

43. Sports you play

I used to play softball but I hurt my back and had to quit :-(

nike, softball, and louisville image athlete, athletics, and baseball image

44. Best friend ever

My boyfriend

45. Embarrassing moment

Too many to count, but once I walked into class when I was in 7th grade with a HUGE pimple between my eyebrows and a guy in my class stood up, pointed and yelled "KARSYN, WHAT'S ON YOUR FOREHEAD :'-)

46. Future career choice

I'm going to be a nurse

college, graduation, and nursing image study, doctor, and medicine image

47. Favorite feature on yourself

My eyes

girl, eyes, and beauty image eye, eyes, and blue image

48. Thing you cannot leave the house without

My wallet lol

aesthetic, lipstick, and sunglasses image iphone, nails, and luxury image

49. How you relax

Watch a movie, read a book, turn on my oil diffuser, do a face mask, drink tea, take a bath-- all of the above

crystal, bath, and flowers image bath, bathtub, and beauty image

50. Book you're currently reading

IT by Steven King

book and autumn image book, diary, and flowers image
all right, that's it! Hope you guys enjoyed! Feel free to send me a postcard if you have any feedback on my profile