Every tear I drop every time breaks a piece of my heart. ~Andjeli. R

Lie here in the middle of the street looking to all the milion stars around the big moon, crying about the life I spend and thinking why I still live.

moon, night, and beach image

Not only you have broke a piece of my heart but also all those other people who are better person. What is the reason you wanna hurt me so much? I know, I will never be good enough. Do you think I choose self who I gonna be? If that were possible I would not choose to live. Did not expect I ever gonna lie here and wait until the death comes pick me up. Everything has just become too much for my body and soul.

Rain mixes with the tears on my face and flow away. I stay here until I flow away or something else happend to me so that you finally get your way. Look how kind I am for a people like you.


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