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i often get told that i have the heart of an angel and such an idealistic worldview. and i guess it's true, i always naively see the best in people and want to help everyone and kinda want to be friends with everybody.

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but i just feels so nice to be authentic and loving towards everyone.
especially because the last years of my life were filled with episodic depression and i felt unhappy with my life and myself.

but i found ways to protect my "spark", to keep a positive mindset.

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those are the things that helped me to protect my heart and fight depression:

1. see difficulties as challenges

believe that you will solve the problem, never lose hope and give up.
there is always a way that everyone will benefit from the solution.

the heart needs darkness to feel like the eyes need light to see.
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2. see other people as friends, not as enemies

when you try to convince someone, try to understand their perspective, don't display oppisitional behaviour or it could quickly escalate into an argument.

fight with them, not against them.

everyone has their struggles and we should help each other instead of competing against each other.


3. express yourself and open up

we always try to hide our thoughts and feelings from others, but when you have a pure heart and good intentions, it's so easy to open up to others and you will be suprised how many people will open up to you, too.

be as authentic and real as you can be.

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change out thoughs with people, find out who they are and what they want, understand them. you can discuss opinions, compare your views and learn more about the world.

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4. be minimalistic

don't get stuck in the convientient consuming comfort zone. you don't need everything, so many shoes, so many apps, so many sweets, so many cigarettes.
learn to quit.
there are so many addicting things out there. shopping, social media, games, series, attention, love, drugs, ...
but less is more in most aspects.
if you always do the things you like most instead of the things that benefit you but are harder to do, even the nice things get boring and you don't grow. like, if youre always hanging out and partying with your friends you will sometimes be bored and annoyed. so, save the good things up and don't always spoil yourself.

less is more.


5. and now come good ways to spoil yourself:

be mindful,
be active,
do yoga,
listen to relaxing music,
go on a walk,
get a massage from someone you love,
cuddle with someone, cuddle with yourself, cuddle with your cat,
wear your softest clothes,
do breathing excercises,
have a nap in the sun,

simply allow yourself to feel good without any loud distractions.
it really has neurologic benefits, things like meditation actually change your brain structure.

(guys, never blindly believe everything you read! just as a general tip, the internet is overflowing with bullshit information!
but you can trust me, and i actually leave sources ;)

6. don't diet

never diet because you think your body ist "too fat".
just don't, please. i have seen to many girl who fell from simply losing some weight into eating disorders, and they still haven't been able to make peace with their body.

your body is already perfect! and treat yourself that way.
love yourself.

eat things that are good for you and eat enough of them.


7. start writing

get the thoughts out of your head and into a journal.
it prevents overthinking and you can re-read it some weeks later and recognize your patterns of acting and thinking.
well, it has a lot of benefits.
i wrote two pretty long articles about it,
take a look if you're interested:

^ there is a big part about positive thinking, please read it :)


8. break the cycle of negative thinking

sometimes we all get caught up in a loop of negativity.
but it's in your power to break it!

life will get better again, believe me.
it's an up-and-down, and just like there aren't any rollercoasters that only go down, you won't be miserable forever.
believe in the good and you will see it.

i really liked this article and i wanted to share it with you:


please take some loving vibes with you, i hope you can use some of those tips and benefit from it! :)
i just want to remind you that you all are special and loveworthy! :*

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^ the universe is a weird place... but soo beautiful...
^ this is an amazing collection of aesthetics that make me happy :)

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you can always message me if you have questions about the stuff i write, or need emotional support when you're having a hard time or just because you're bored and want to chat :)

much love, i wish you all the best :*
xx, a random girl from the internet