If I was able to be a supernatural creature...
Some of you that are watching The Vampire Diaries or Stranger Things, you know, that the characters in these shows have special abilities. If I could have an ability, I would be a hybrid. Half vampire, half witch.

Being a vampire would make me stronger and faster. I would never get old. Also, my feelings would get stronger. I would be able to love stronger and to care stronger. But there are cons too: guilt, strong emotions that can kill you, possibility of turning your emotions off and not getting them back, losing humanity.

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Being a witch would make me powerful. I would have the ability of bringing people back to life. I would be able to find the ones that are lost. I would be able to hurt my enemies. The ones, that hurted me or my friends. Moving things from distance, getting in others head, being able to revive everything.

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