taehyung knocked on your door

y/n: hey :))) What's up?

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he looked so handsome, you almost cursed

Tae: Come with me, I don't want to go alone

y/n: but ... I don't fit in there

Tae: here wear this and come with me

he handed you a bag with clothes and a shoebox
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you came out looking like a snack

Tae: swallow let's not go, let's just stay here.

y/n: pervert!

Tae: wear something else, I don't want anyone to see this except me

your face got red and you went back to change in something else
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Tae: better, oh and don't wear the mask, your face is too pretty

at tae's dad's house

Tae: don't tell my dad you're my girlfriend, he has to like you first okay?

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when he got out off the car, he was almost like a celebrity

father: finally your here, the guests are waiting for you, .... who's that? one of your girlfriends? I told you to stop sleeping around!

Tae: father! She's not like that, ...

y/n: I'm just a friend, sir

you were really hurt

Tae: *whispering: I'm sorry babe, he's just mad that I'm late, don't worry

Father: follow me

it was some kind of business meeting as taehyung suspected. There were a lot of people.
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taehyung was greeting his friends while you awkwardly stood there

namjoon: and who is the pretty lady?

junkook: yeah, I haven't seen her before

taehyung and you both bursted out in laughter

yoongi: did we miss something?

Tae: hahaha, guys this is y/n, mask girl!

to be continued ...