hello beautiful people。:+*

we all have that moment of having great pictures to share but get stuck on the captions.

today i'll be helping you on some caption ideas i thought of myself and a few references from the internet too.

here we go ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*

soft captions✧*:・

carefree, disney, and vogue image dog, cute, and animal image

"you're my favourite color."
"shine on."
"doing a-okay."
"i get butterflies when i'm with you."
"i dream of sunshine and rainbows."

savage captions✧*:・

fiji, water, and tumblr image iphone, apple, and diamond image
  • "this could be us but you playin'."
  • "haven't you played me enough?"
  • "you can't sit with us."
  • "it's a hard cruel world."
  • "faker than dem lashes."

other language captions✧*:・

cat and tumblr image carefree, tumblr, and quotes image
  • "c'est la vie." (it's life - french)
  • "고맙습니다." (thank you so much - korean)
  • "la semplicità." (the simplicity - italian)
  • "私は気にしない." (i don't care - japanese)
  • "l'amour est-il une illusion?" (is love an illusion? - french)

poem captions✧*:・

bike, summer, and bicycle image flowers, nails, and aesthetic image
  • "she loved him until her breathing stopped, 'cause he took her breath away."
  • "sunshine comes to all who feel rain."
  • "darling, the moon is still the moon in all of it phases."
  • "show me the most damaged parts of your soul, and i will show you how it still shines like gold."
  • "flowers in her hair, demons in her head."

song captions✧*:・

Drake, iphone, and music image cool, niche, and girl image
  • "it's a secret garden in my mind, flower child."
  • "slowly sinking, wasting."
  • "tell me pretty lies, look me in the face."
  • "you're not around, when i'm feeling down."
  • "i'll be the one that will love you the way I'm supposed to."

tips and tricks✧*:・

brandy melville, bag, and bambi image flowers, pink, and summer image

choose your captions wisely, as so it goes along with your pictures.

to create more expression, insert emojis in the end of sentences.

those are a few caption ideas i picked for today's article, make sure to write a postcard if i helped you.
see you around❀✿