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So I am back with another blog! In this blog I am going to share some travelling hacks which are really useful!

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☀︎Instead of folding the clothes, roll them

☀︎Fold one outfit within the other

☀︎Take only essentials

☀︎Make on outfit list (so you know what to wear each day)

☀︎Do not over pack!

☀︎Roll socks and store inside shoes

☀︎Store shoes in shower caps

☀︎Put hair ties in empty mint containers

☀︎Make a list so you know what you are taking and when leaving the hotel make sure
you have everything

☀︎Wear your biggest items on-flights

☀︎You can always buy things on the destination

☀︎Store cables in sunglasses case

☀︎Leave space for souvenirs / things that you will by at the destination

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How to pack:

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So that is it guys! I hope you enjoyed the blog and if you did don't forget to like. I hope this helped. Please share if you thought this was useful