I was a really gullible kid. You could tell me anything and I would 100% believe you. My mother is a great person, and like any great person she did her best to take advantage of my gullibility. A perfect example of this is when I was around 4 or 5 my mother told me that her real kid was kidnaped by aliens and I was the clone that was made to replace her real kid. Of course I believed her completely. I was amazed. Not only was I adopted, I was also an alien! Now I believed this for about a year. After I learned that I was not a clone I was very upset. Like a week later my mother told me that she was an alien clone who replaced my mom. Now I had just learned that my mother was lying when she told me I was an alien clone. If I was any other person I would have assumed that my mother was lying about her being a clone, but I am me so I thought without a doubt that my mother was telling me the truth. Don't get my wrong I was very upset about being kidnaped by my mother’s alien clone, but I was really passive aggressive about it. She would do something and I would look at her and go, “my real mom wouldn't do this to me.” It was a year or two later when someone told me that my mother wasn't a clone. I wasn't upset at all, I was very happy that it turned out neither me nor my mother were alien clones.

{So that's my story. I have like 1,000,000 more stories about my gullibility so if this does well I'll post some more.}