2014 July. Montage Beverly Hills hotel. I'm sitting in my room all alone. I take the laptop and put it on my legs. The only thing that I turn on is YouTube. My favorite song came up. It's Paradise by Jack and Jack. I turn up the volume, put the laptop away on the bed and start jamming to this song. I know all the lyrics. I'm dancing and feeling myself in the hotel room. Of all the sudden two random guys came to my room. They started shouting and jamming to the song too. God damn, they were so beautiful. I started asking who they are and why they are in here. They told me that they are the ones who sings this song. I didn't buy that and asked them to leave. They turned off the music and started singing to me without the music. The blonde guy started rapping and it as so good. I was shocked. I've never searched who actually singed this song, I just liked it and now I finally met the ones who really sings this song. We had a little chat and we changed the contacts. Jack Gilinsky hugged me and smiled at me with his big beautiful smile. We said a goodbye to each other. The whole day I was thinking about him and his smile. And I was still in shock.