Hi everyone!!! Well, this is my very first article in WHI. I just hope that you’ll like it :) !!!

..........EnJoY yOuR cOmPaNy..........
I’m lonely. I wish I had him/her who would understand me. It’s quite boring to be here alone. All these words are what we often get to hear. People are searching for the best companion. Likewise, people often get shattered when they are not in a company. They are out of enthusiasm and full of nostalgia when they are not with a company. Swami Vivekananda has rightly said, “Talk to yourself once in a day otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world.
I think your best companion is the one whom you see when you look at the mirror. Yes, it is you, yourself. Nobody in this world is as trustworthy as you are to yourself. Nobody is as true to you as you are to yourself. You have to make yourself the best friend of you. Be true to yourself, solve the queries of life yourself, talk to yourself and enjoy the company of yourself. Your soul, mind and your body gets connected and you can find yourself in the journey of life when you love your company.

The world is selfish, you never know whether the smile you’re receiving is true or not. But if you consider yourself a friend of you, then you won’t feel bad when you’re away from the group. The zeal comes from within when you have the company of yourself. Don’t expect somebody to make you happy; enjoy your company and be happy.!.!.!.;)