Most of us await our birthdays impatiently expecting to throw big parties at fancy places and getting a lot of gifts. Even though my 16th birthday is less than four months away, I am not really planning onto spending a lot of money or effort into making my birthday big. For this reason, I will include some of my plans and suggestions to have a special, inexpensive and unforgettable birthday experience.

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Go on a Hike

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One good idea could be going on a hike. Simply put, gather a group of friends, fill your bags up with snacks and food, and go on a hike. Take a lot of pictures/polaroids and try to have the most unforgettable moments of your life. Have your friends sing you happy birthday when you reach your target point and try to have the most memorable time of your life.

Go on a Road Trip to a New City

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If you have a driving license, reconsider visiting a nearby new city/park/.. I live in Lebanon and it’s a very small country, so I have visited all of it. Of course, there are a lot of places which I haven’t visited but it’s quite hard to get there since I’m still fifteen, without a driving license (I get my license at 18 here), and I need my parents to take me there instead. Because most of my readers are foreign, how about you reconsider visiting new places with your friends? Or take your best friend or two friends and let one of your parents take you there or simply use public transportations. Also, you can be environmental and take your bikes instead.

Pamper Yourself

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I am that type of person who would prefer a day off just to take care of myself and relax. Stay at home, hit your nearest Sephora and Lush stores, buy some facial masks and some bath bombs, and simply relax. You can save up and prepare some homemade facial masks (I’ll put down the article I wrote about some homemade facial mask remedies) and prepare some bath salts yourself. Buy yourself a cake, drink orange juice and relax.

Throw a Party

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No. When I said cheap and special methods of enjoying your birthday, I did not mean not throwing a party. Buy some snacks and invite over some friends of yours, turn on the music and have fun. Play a series of games (truth or dare/..) order some pizza and simply enjoy your time. Don’t make it big and invite over people you’ve never really talked to and dislike, birthdays are all about you, so make sure you invite over your people.

Visit an Art Gallery or a Museum

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I personally LOVE art galleries and museums. There’s something about them which makes me very happy. The monuments and paintings stand as a reminder of our culture and how humans have the abilities to turn emotion into art. It’s just – outstanding and beautiful.

Volunteer or Donate Your Clothes

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You think a new year starts at the end of the current year? Think twice. A new year starts on your birthday: a new year of chances and opportunities to do good and be good. What goes around comes around, so try your best to radiate positivity and help others. Helping those in need feels amazing, and the more you do it the more progress you make at self-improvement and community service. Try to be helpful and make someone happy on the day of your birth, you’ll feel like you truly live for a cause.

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