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Today I went to watch Ocean's 8. I already had high expectations because amazing women were acting in it, and I have to say that my expectations were overly met. Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, and all of the actors did an incredible job and they looked amazing. I recommend everyone to go watch it asap!

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Movie Rating

I'd give this movie a 4.5/5. The movie is amazing and so empowering for women. The plot is interesting and the way in which the women prepare the robbery is clevver, funny, and entertaining. During this movie I laughed, I was surprised, I felt sad, and I had a great time overall. Highly recommend it to everyone. This movie is the boss just like the women in it!

The Characters

Debbie Ocean

I want her style, her intelligence and her beauty please. Sandra Bullock was amazing, enough said. Debbie is the main character, she served a five year prison sentence because she got tricked by her now ex-boyfriend Claude. Debbie is the plan's mastermind and she is the definition of a boss woman. Obviously don't try to imitate the robbery and don't steal stuff from others... She's just a character but one with a great story that makes her who she is.

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Claude Becker

He's a total douchebag. Claude is the entire reason why Debbie spent five years in jail because he set her up. Claude is dirty with business and he is a liar and cannot be trusted. In the end, he gets the justice he deserves.

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She's Debbie's best friend. I would portray her as a sidekick but with great authority as well. Without her the robbery wouldn't have happened; she helps Debbie deal with her problems and is very loyal to her. Lou is the type of best friend you want to have.

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Rose Weil

Okay so Helena Bonham Carter shows us once more that she was born to be an actress. Her character, Rose Weil is a failed designer at the beginning of the movie. However, once Debbie and Lou approach her and ask her to join the girl gang she becomes more self confident. I would say she's pretty aloof; her head seems to be all over the place and she gets distracted really easy. Weil is an essential part for the plan to function since she designs Daphne Kluger's dress for the MET Gala and gets Cartier to lend them the Toussant (the super expensive Cartier necklace). She's also super funny and I can't see anyone other than Helena Bonham Carter playing her character.

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Daphne Kluger

Without her the plan wouldn't have happened. Daphne is the star of the MET Gala, and throughout most of the movie she appears to be a typical dumb, rich, bratty, and self-centered woman. However, an actress plays an actress for a reason. Daphne figures out about the entire scheme all by herself and ends up joining the girl gang once the crime has been committed. She plays dumb with the investigators and helps Debbie frame Claude Becker. She's definitely one of my favorite characters, and Anne Hathaway is freaking goals.

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Nine Ball

Initially I was like "Seriously? What kind of pseudonym is this?" but then I saw how Leslie (her real name) used a pool nine ball as a mouse for her computer. A total genius. In this movie, Rihanna is a total badass and she shows how important is to have a tech savvy person on the team. She's a computer wiz and you don't want to get on her bad side.

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Tammy, Amita, & Constance

All of them were hilarious characters, especially Tammy. She's a well disguised criminal and manages to keep it even from her own husband; he doesn't suspect a thing. Tammy gets a job at Vogue and that's how the gang figures out where everyone is sitting at the MET Gala. Also, Tammy buys the 3D printer and the smart glasses to make the fake jewelry. She's smart.

Then, Amita is the one that divides the Toussant by creating a piece of jewelry for each girl in the gang. She also helps Rose Weil stay on track. She was an essential person for the plan to function properly.

Constance has an odd yet funny personality. She's kind of awkward and she's really really sneaky, which makes her good at stealing stuff. Thus, making her a perfect member for the team.

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The Ending

The ending of this movie was the opposite of what I had initially predicted. The girl gang remains completely intact, and all of them become super successful while Claude is in prison. It's a satisfying and happy ending after all. I highly recommed it if you need some motivation or inspiration!

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