I am experiencing my first heartbreak; recently just broke up with who i thought was always gonna be the love of my life but i guess things weren’t supposed to work out this time.

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Even though the relationship was a toxic one, i stayed because i loved him so much , i still do, i don’t think I’ll ever stop. He’s the first boy that i kissed and the one i did everything with for the first time. I can’t stop thinking about him and every little things remind me of him. I wonder if he feels the same or if he already moved on. I can’t imagine him being with another girl, it hurts like hell. I always thought he was gonna be mine forever. We had so many planned projects together , now what? We are both going our separate ways.

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I am trying to heal, i know it will take a lot of time as I’m dealing with my first love but in the end, i don’t regret anything and I’m grateful for having experienced this thing we call love.

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