what's your name?


what do you identify as?

i identify as lithromantic and aegosexual.

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can you give a definition of your label?

someone who identifies as lithromantic can feel romantic attraction towards others and enjoy being in romantic relationships but only in theory. aegosexuality is a disconnection with oneself and a target or object of arousal.

when did you realize it?

i realized in the middle of eighth grade/beginning of ninth grade.

do you have any lgbt+ friends?

yes. too many to even count.

do they have we heart it?

some of them


did you come out? if not, do you plan on it?

i have come out, kinda. most people know i'm part of the lgbt+ community, but they have no clue what i identify as. i've spent a lot of time figuring myself out and i have used a bunch of different labels so pretty much only my sister and my three close friends know what i identify as.

how did you come out, or how would you come out?

i told my sisters first, then my close friends, and now i pretty much just tell anyone who cares.

who do you look up to gender/sexuality wise?

i loveee harry styles, hayley kiyoko, troye sivan, shane dawson, nikita dragun, and so many more.

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have you ever had an lgbt+ partner?

kinda? that was before i actually figured myself out though sooo...

have you ever argued with homophobic people?

yes, but not often.

what's the best thing about being part of the community?

i love the acceptance. everyone is free to be themselves without any judgement, and i just want more of that in the world.

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what's the worst part?

i don't think there's anything i dislike about the actual community, just the way that it gets treated from people who don't accept.

have you ever argued with teachers or any other kind of authorities because they were being homophobic?

so far i haven't, but if i hear someone say something about hair/clothes/colors/etc. having genders, i'm gonna start swinging.

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who's your favorite fictional gay couple?

my number one is simon and baz from "carry on," but i also love my babies isak and even.

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have you ever been to a gay pride?

not yet, but i'm going to one at the end of july this year.

what did you wear? or what would you wear if you've never been to one?

i'm going wo wear my shirt that i got from the gsa club at my school. i also want to bring a flag to wear like a cape.

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have you ever been misgendered?


have you ever seen someone being misgendered?

i haven't seen it, but i know it happens to my friend at school.

if yes, did you stand up for them? if no, would you?

if i would have been there i definitely would have stood up for him.

who's your favourite lgbt+ singer?

troye, harry, hayley kiyoko, and halsey.

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can you name three lgbt+ singers?

frank ocean, cavetown, mary lambert.

what's your favourite song lyric about lgbt+ pride?

a world so hateful, some would rather die than be who they are
and a certificate on paper
isn't gonna solve it all, but it's a damn good place to start
- same love, macklemore and ryan lewis

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did social media help you accept yourself?

yes. it helped me find the labels i was looking for.

what's your favourite lgbt+ book?

"carry on" by rainbow rowell.

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recommend three lgbt+ inclusive books.

"carry on," "beyond magenta," and "freaks and revelations."

what's your favourite acceptance quote?

"i can't change, even if i tried, even if i wanted to."
- mary lambert

how does it feel to be yourself?

i feel like i'm the happiest i've ever been tbh.

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you being you is the most beautiful thing in the world. you are valid no matter what, so please don't ever change. i love you ♥

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