the gods that were worshipped during the ancient grecian time period



art image sky, dark, and storm image Image by Jax aesthetic, hoo, and pjo image
god of the sky & lightning

parents: cronos & rhea
siblings: hestia, hera, demeter, posiedon & hades
consort: hera
children: ares, hephaestus, apollo, artemis, athena, persephone, dionysus & hermes
roman counterpart: jupiter



horse, nature, and tree image Image by Thatgirlthatlovebooks poseidon, percy jackson, and blue image boy, idea, and water image
god of the sea & earthquakes

parents: cronos & rhea
siblings: zeus, hades, hestia, hera & demeter
consort: amphridite
children: trition, bellerophon, theseus & polythemus
roman counterpart: neptune



black and white and dark image mads mikkelsen image dog, doberman, and black image Image by Pretty Liary
god of the underworld & riches

parents: cronos & rhea
siblings: zeus, poseidon, hera, hestia & demeter
consort: persephone
children: zagreus, the erinyes & macaria
roman counterpart: pluto



theme, rings, and aesthetic image gold and aesthetic image fashion, model, and Jessica Stam image art, elegant, and pale image
goddess of women & marrige

parents: cronos & rhea
siblings: zeus, poseidon, hades, hestia & demeter
consort: zeus
children: hephaestus, ares, hebe & eris
roman counterpart: juno



bread, food, and yummy image fire, girl, and night image beauty image fireplace and fire image
goddess of family & the hearth

parents: cronos & rhea
siblings: zeus, poseidon, hades, hera & demeter
consort: none
children: none
roman counterpart: vesta



girl, flowers, and beauty image Image by ♡🅻🅰🅳🅴🅴_ORCHARD♥︎ yellow, bee, and flowers image beauty and nature image
goddess of agriculture & fertility

parents: cronos & rhea
siblings: zeus, hades, poseidon, hera & hestia
consort: various men
children: persephone, despiona, plutus & arion
roman counterpart: ceres



greek and white image hp, power, and quote image owl, animal, and bird image fashion, minimal, and white image
goddess of wisdom & the arts

parents: zeus & metis
siblings: ares, hephaestus, apollo, artemis, hebe, hermes, dionysus, persephone & eris
consort: none
children: erichthonius of athens
roman counterpart: minerva



boy, movie, and scream image explosion, theme, and fire image anti, header, and Lyrics image boxing image
god of war & bloodshed

parents: zeus & hera
siblings: hephaestus, hebe, eris, apollo, artemis, athena, hermes, dionysus, persephone & ilithyia
consort: aphrodite & various others
children: eros, phobos, the amazons, deimos & harmonia
roman counterpart: mars



grapefruit, pink, and symbolism image field, Kirsten Dunst, and nature image bath and knees image face, girl, and human image
goddess of beauty & love

parents: cronos's castration
siblings: none
consort: ares, poseidon, adonis & dionysus
children: eros, phobos, demios, harmonia, rhodos & peitho
roman counterpart: venus



all, beautiful, and beauty image model, boy, and eyes image Image by Kaley fire, hand, and aesthetic image
god of forgery & blacksmiths

parents: zeus & hera
siblings: ares, apollo, artemis, athena, hermes, dionysus, hebe, ilithyia, eris, persephone & enyo
consort: aphrodite & aglaea
children: thalia, euthenia & eupheme
roman counterpart: vulcan



lucky blue smith image aesthetic, sun, and window image music, notes, and vintage image sun and sunset image
god of the sun & music

parents: zeus & leto
siblings: artemis, ares, hephaestus, hebe, ilithyia, hermes, dionysus, athena, persephone & eris
consort: various
children: asclepius, troilus, aristaeus & orpheus
roman counterpart: apollo



beautiful and photography image arrow and aesthetic image cold, Darkness, and light image forest, nature, and feet image
goddess of the hunt & the moon

parents: zeus & leto
siblings: apollo, athena, ares, hephaestus, hermes, dionysus, persephone, hebe, ilithyia, eris & enyo
consort: none
children: hunters of artemis
roman counterpart: diana



smile, boy, and dimples image Image by Kaley art, sculpture, and hermes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
god of theives & travel

parents: zeus & maia
siblings: apollo, artemis, athena, hephaestus, dionysus, ares, hebe, ilithyia, eris, enyo & persephone
consort: merope, aphrodite, dryope, peitho & hecate
children: pan, hermaphroditus, tyche & abderus
roman counterpart: mercury



book, wine, and red image boy, sad, and aesthetic image boy, flowers, and Hot image aesthetic and bottle image
god of wine & drunkeness

parents: zeus & semele
siblings: ares, hephaestus, apollo, artemis, athena, hebe, ilithyia, enyo, eris, persephone & hermes
consort: adriadne
children: priapus, hymenaious, thoas & staphylus
roman counterpart: bacchus