i love doing tags, this is my first one!!!! so here I go

a - age: 17
b - best feature: eyes
c - current time: 11:45 P.M.
d - deepest regret: i can't think about one now, but i have a lot of
e - everyday starts with: my fuckin alarm
f - favorite childhood movie: High School Musical
g - greatest accomplishment: learned English
h - height: 1.68 m
i - in love with: his name is Daniel
j - job of my dreams: stylist
k - kids I want: two
l - last thing I ate: chinese food
m - middle name: Fernanda
n - number of siblings: zero
o - one favorite song: Ahora - J Balvin
p - person you last texted: my best friend
r - relationship status: you can say single, but there is a person in my heart
s - sexuality: straight
t - time I woke up: 8 and something
u - underwater creature: shark
v - vacation place: Italy
w - worst habit: care about what other people think about me
y - your favorite drink: juice and water
z - zodiac sign: piscis

that's it!