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ring, initial ring, and monogram ring image ring, pink, and accessories image


girl, aesthetic, and art image art, fashion, and magical image
drawing and pottery


Andre, animal, and bird image bird, spring, and flowers image

Body Part

childhood, gif, and peter pan 2003 image
A mouth to use for smiling from ear to ear.


book, girl, and library image art, scotland, and historical fiction image
I have been reading this and it's a riveting tale of two people, Clare and Luc. Their friendship grows over time through written letters. Oh, and they're artists in the book too.


logan lerman, powers, and percy jackson image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Logan Lerman, I have read all the Percy Jackson book series. Also, I think he's a really good-looking actor.

Clothing Item

fashion, girl, and summer image fashion, girl, and outfit image
Skirts that are simple or have a pattern can't get enough of them.


colors, photography, and blue image girl, colors, and pink image
blue or pink


tea, food, and breakfast image mountains, coffee, and nature image
Twinnings tea in packets.


air, element, and freedom image percy jackson and annabeth chase image


vintage, book, and cafe image girl, art, and drawing image
artist and writer


tea, honey, and cup image honey, sweet, and pretty image
Honey to use with tea and bread.


beauty, word, and peace image beach, bird, and sunset image
The still calm sense you feel whether it's surrounded by nature or in the comfort of your own home.

Fictional Character

Cowgirl, country girl, and britt robertson image britt robertson, love, and the longest ride image
Sophia Danko from The Longest Ride. Plus, it's a Nicholas Sparks movie with Scott Eastwood. I enjoyed seeing Britt Robertson in this film and the breathtaking scenery as well!


flower, lily, and stargazer image розовый, розы, and цветы image
stargazer and water lilies


peach, fruit, and food image fruit, food, and book image


flowers, nature, and gif image
gaia, greek mythology, and photography image
Since I was described as "earthy crunchy" growing up. In Greek Mythology, Gaia is the Mother Earth Goddess to all life.


flowers, child, and baby image flowers, nature, and dandelion image
Blowing on a dandelion watching the remains float away into the wind.

Moment of the Day

window, flowers, and sun image flowers, nature, and forest image
Seeing the sunshine in the morning.


blake lively image blake lively image
The Age of Adaline because I have a youthful face no one can guess my age correctly. Her attire is so pretty and vintage yet very sophisticated. I love Blake Lively!

Mythical Creature

angel, curly hair, and girl image angel image
an angel


mirror, vintage, and gold image vintage and jewelry image
Antiques that I can collect.


amazing, love her, and rocks image earth day, mountains, and photography image


Anne Hathaway, gif, and crown image
the princess diaries image
Mia Thermopolis from the Princess Diaries!


beach, summer, and girl image pool and summer image
Summers spent working, on vacation, and having fun! Hanging out with family and friends.

School Subject

school, journal, and motivation image cat, girl, and art image
Creative Writing


colbie caillat image colbie caillat, girl, and Lyrics image
Try by Colbie Caillat


girl, smile, and hair image bed, coffee, and cozy image
Wind chimes, I have grown up hearing the pleasant ring they make.

TV Series

mandy moore, Milo Ventimiglia, and this is us image mandy moore, Milo Ventimiglia, and justin hartley image
This is us, I love the show so much. It's confusing at first, but the representation of family and a lot of other issues is really well done! Warning, be prepared you will cry...


girl, rainbow, and eyes image rainbow, heart, and nature image


nature, drop, and leaves image photography image
Dew drops in the morning after rain.


quotes, grateful, and text image beautiful, new zealand, and motivational image
It's sayings like this one that inspire me to trust whatever happens next in my life.