I didn't think I would do this again, but I'm here, writing a new article. Did you miss me? Of course yes^^

I've come back with a new playlist! I don't know if I will write anything other than playlists...So enjoy my fantastic presence.

The first playlist was for a soft morning, now we turn 180 degrees and (the drums, please) I get you with a night playlist, more precisely, a playlist for people who wake up at night and sleep at day (like me; It's 2:00 AM and I write this article).

1. Bamsem- 다운 로드

aesthetic, dark, and theme image

This song isn't so well known, and I don't know why. It's brilliant! It makes me think of a girl who goes to the middle of the night to visit the Seoul streets.

2. OFFONOFF- Cigarette (Feat. Tablo, MISO)

theme and rp image

A lit cigarette in the night. It sounds so poetic and soothing, letting thoughts evaporate white the smoke: just you, night and the cigarette.

3. EXID (Hani)- Hello

aesthetic, dark, and black image

Hani's voice is perfect for a late night. A clear night with a half moon. When I write this article is raining, and Hani's voice fades entirely with the rain.

4.V & RM- 4 O'Clock

Image removed

Could this song be missing from the playlist? Absolutely no. THIS SONG IS MADE FOR THIS PLAYLIST. A bird. A park. A person is waiting.

5. Kim Kyung Hee- And I'm here

aesthetic, couple, and dark image

A song for a k-drama and we hearts. Who didn't cry with this song? Kim Kyung Hee is here, in my lovely heart.

6. I Drink Alone- JUNIEL

aesthetic, dark, and seokjin image

I cry alone. This song is so beautiful. Does she need a mate? I offer!

7. CIKI- Syndrome

aesthetic, dark, and night image

Yes, yes, it's a real syndrome. It makes you unable to stop listening. That's CIKI's magic.

And the magic ends here. I think I will fall asleep if I'm going to write a lot. I hope I've made you a better night with this music.
I want to see you again, but who knows?