Aries: Firebender

aries, art, and blue image fire, hand, and magic image fire, magic, and photography image fire, art, and sea image

Taurus: Earthbender

horoscope, Venus, and wallpaper image grimes image mountains, nature, and landscape image crystal, grunge, and stone image

Gemini: Airbender

air, gemini, and horoscope image air, rock, and stretch image Image by Kiiwii girl, grunge, and hair image

Cancer: Waterbender

cancer, horoscope, and moon image sea, hand, and water image water, grunge, and blue image water and room image

Leo: Lightningbender

crop, fire, and horoscope image magic, fantasy, and power image aesthetic, blue, and hands image blue, theme, and dark image

Virgo: Soundbender

virgo image banshee, scream, and sound image glass, hand, and broken image aesthetic, girl, and teen wolf image

Libra: lightbender

air, Libra, and sign image pink, rainbow, and aesthetic image light, hand, and magic image aesthetic, sun, and peach image

Scorpio: Shadowbender

background, horoscope, and november image shadow image art image yellow, aesthetic, and shadow image

Sagittarius: Bloodbender

fire, jupiter, and Sagittarius image blood and hand image moon, red, and black image red, aesthetic, and blood image

Capricorn: Metalbender

Drake, fluff, and pink image chains image armor image armor, dark, and black image

Aquarius: Timebender

aquarius and tattoo image clock, vintage, and time image inspiration, tumblr, and like image Image by ↠ ✧ Elisha ✧ ↞

Pisces: Mindbender

astrology, pisces, and quotes image Image by Amanda planets and space image boom, different, and head image