Hi everyone.

This article may be a little different but I can only hope it helps some people if they have ever gone through a situation like what I am about to explain...

Discretion is advised.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, I am coming to the end of my exam season, which in itself has been extremely stressful; however, that stress was only added to by what happened when I got off the bus outside of my house after college a few weeks ago.

I had stepped off the bus, a few paces away from my house when a car drove past with the passenger window rolled down.

I expected nothing, at the most maybe a shout if I knew them, but I just carried on walking.

Until a liquid was sprayed directly at me from the window as it drove past.

In that moment I had no idea what it was or what to do so I carried on walking quicker hoping it wouldn't hit me.

It was only a few moments later I realised what it could have been and the danger I was in. Myself and my family called the police and explained what had happened.

If you haven't already worked it out by now, that liquid was suspected to be acid.

I was involved in an unprovoked attempted acid attack.

It was terrifying to say the very least. I cried a lot. I refused to leave the house the next day and my boyfriend skipped college to stay with me the whole day. I'm still scared as anyone would be to come so close to something like that and wondering what a different outcome could've been.

It provoked me to message anyone I had ever lost contact with or fell out with to clear the air because I realised how much I needed other people at that time and myself.

I cannot disclose much more at the moment but I wanted to make more people aware of the absolute dangers and horrors there are out there.

I have decided to raise money for acid attack victims this summer because that was almost me.

If anyone has gone through an event which has shaped them to be scared or worried about anything, or even about my experience, then do not hesitate to message me. I will always reply to anyone about anything.