Hey loves!
I'm glad that a lot of people are enjoying my "oldies and goodies" collection.

Long before I even made this collection, I've had this spotify playlist of all my favorite "throwback" songs. It's a mix of songs from the past 5-6 decades; ranging from Paul Anka and Dion to The Smiths and Duran Duran. There are also a few more contemporary songs thrown in the mix from artists like The Walters and The Lemon Twigs. The link to the full playlist is below, however, these are just a few of my favorites from this never ending list of songs!


P.S. I Love You - Dion

red, hands, and nails image vintage, car, and gloves image
I absolutely love Dion and this song is perfect for late night drives and dancing in the dark.

Let's Kiss and Make Up - Bobby Vinton

car, vintage, and aesthetic image roses image
Bobby Vinton gives me a "hotel lobby performer" vibe, but I adore it.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths

the smiths image aesthetic, alternative, and retro image
This is the first song that I ever heard from The Smiths and what started my obsession with them.

Wouldn't It Be Good - Danny Hutton Hitters

aesthetic, pink, and red image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image
The entire Pretty In Pink soundtrack is great; not to mention, the movie is pretty great, too.

This Is The Day - The The

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image water, nature, and aesthetic image
This is such a feel good song that I love to blast with the windows down on a sunny day.

Music is one of the things that genuinely makes me happy and I'm excited to share some of my favorite songs with you guys. Feel free to send me a message with some of your favorite songs or any suggestions on what I should post about next.

Have a lovely day/night!

Link to full playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/vj0z1mfsiq1s0y3f0ihlpmjvx/playlist/5FXZW9WSjrWRrDhk2OM4k5