hey my dudes,

this is my very first article, so i'm quite new to this.

i have some song recs i thought i'd share. maybe you like them, maybe you don't. but that's ok.

  • billie eilish ~ her whole album
yellow, billie, and billie eilish image yellow, sunflower, and flowers image
billie is a literal icon.
  • look alive ~ blocboy jb, ft. drake
Drake, drizzy, and ovó image quotes, blue, and life image
  • dreams ~ fleetwood mac
fashion, style, and necklace image aesthetic, quote, and cute image
such a chill, dreamy song.
  • angels ~ chance the rapper, ft. saba
chance the rapper image love image
  • walk it talk it ~ migos, ft. drake
  • narcos ~ migos
Abusive image aesthetic, red, and photography image
  • post malone ~ beerbongs & bentleys

rich & sad
92 explorer
candy paint

Mature image pool, travel, and Greece image
  • eventually ~ tame impala
alternative, australian, and band image beach, sea, and summer image
  • last to leave ~ louis the child, ft. caroline ailin
girl, summer, and friends image Image by a n a

those are all of the good songs i could gather.

they're all rlly different, which i personally like. hope you like them as much as i do :)

have an amazing summer.