1. Reign

reign, couple, and hug image Mature image
This series is about the Middle Ages. HO! STOP! I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: ohh Middle Ages, that’s not my genre, boring! BUT NO That’s where you make a big mistake. The only thing it has to do with the Middle Ages is the fact that they live in a castle. This series is full of drama, hot actors, pretty dresses, romance and mistery. The best series I’ve ever watched!

2. The 100

the 100, octavia blake, and marie avgeropoulos image the 100, raven, and clarke image
This series is so good omg! It’s about the end of the world, and people have fled into space to survive but now are obligated to turn back. The fun thing about this series is that IT IS ACTUAL GOALS! Besides the fact that everyone is starving and the human race is about to end, I honestly would do everything to live that life. Definitely watch it!

3. Girlboss

90s, grunge, and indie image Mature image
This series is so funny! It’s about this girl who decides to start her own online vintage store. If you love sarcastic and aesthetically pleasing series this is the one for you!

~ doortje