I'm done with all the stupid whines.
I'm done with all the cries.
You always say that you can't
But is it really what you meant?

Today is changing for sure
What will I do to make you turn?
Will I have to grab your hands
and drag you through the sand?

Open those eyes, stare at the sky
What do you see?
Stars or another lie?

You decide whether to fight or die
But to die from the inside while you're still alive?

It's your life, not mine
but I do believe in what so-called try
I do believe in effort and strength
But I don't believe the efforts that you said you did

You promise but you break
You give but I can't take
You need to work harder
You need to survive
Because in this world
only the strongest thrive

You can do the impossible
when you think that you are voluble

You can achieve what you put on hold
if you realize that you have grown old

Time doesn't wait
so don't be so late

Get up and wash your vision
in the world that you were given

Every day is a new chance
If you just give one glance
Glance every small detail
And you will drink the ale

You will be happy and
forget that you were even snappy
You can and you will
But only under your brain's sil

Do the change
Be the change
Because you can