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Career ❋

I hope to study in the economics/management field with an ultimate goal of taking a risk management post-graduate. I want to go to university in my homecountry, Greece, as the economic universities here such as the Economic University of Greece and the University of Piraeus are very good. Meanwhile, I would prefer to do my post-graduate in a foreign country.

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I would love after finishing my studies to get involved with a big company, I like pressure and challenges. I don't want to stay in a place too long, I think change and development are the key factors to being happy with you job.

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Relationships & Family ❇

I am personally not interested in getting engaged/married or anything inbetween by the time I'm about thirty or even later on. I want however to focus on friendship. Success is always sweeter when you share it with people that love you and you love them.

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Kids are out of the question too for me. If I ever change my mind and have the ability to support it I think I would prefer to adopt.

Home ✶

Depends on the country I settle in but I think in general a comfortable apartment would be more than enough for one person. I love cozy environments and I love to have space to make use of so I it's very important for me to have my own space.

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good lighting + bookcases + creative space = heaven
Passions ❊


I would to adopt a certain style and get involved with the fashion industry. Fashion shows, walkways seem like a dream to me.

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This is still something I have not put together completely in my mind but surely I want to make it a part of life. Child rights, animal rights, ecology, especially if I have the financial ability I want to get advantage of it. In my opinion making use of whatever privilege you may have is very important.

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I want to learn to play the piano and the violin for sure. I also want to get better at drawing and painting.

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Sadly I lost my chance to choose this as a career but still I want to study as a hobby; physics, astrology, chemistry and mathematics.

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There are so many places I want to visit so writing a list is no use.

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Pets ღ

I can't survive without a pet ♥

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