Ciao everyone! Here's my very first article (so, if there's any "articles good-manners" mistakes you know why). As a huge fan of Harry Potter I thought that I SHOULD start with writing articles with this challenge. For writing that, I took inspiration reading a lot of articles like that in the Harry Potter collection, so thank you to everyone who write and posted an articles and became my (and others!) inspiration! So, let me say that english isn't my first language and let's get into that!
Here's one of my new fresh collection about Harry Potter fandom: most (but not all) of the images in this articles are saved here if you need them. And I hope someone will found inspiration looking at that.

This is the story of my personal oc. The story is settle during "Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery" but I change the entire plot: there's no cursed vault or an expelled brother, but there's still a problematic family history ;) Hope you will enjoy read at her story!


↦ Name: Maxine "Max*" Nyström

↦ Appearance

aesthetic, wallpaper, and white hair image aesthetic, bangs, and black image pale, grunge, and veins image lips, pink, and aesthetic image
Maxine Nyström is a pureblood witch, as you can tell by the name, with a very miscellaneous origins. Short wavy gray, almost like dirty white, hair; her skin is really pale, also if she spend most of her time outside. The only muggle makeup product that she like and use is a pink gloss.

↦ Personality

disney, alice in wonderland, and alice image quotes, movie, and uptown girls image
She is really naïve, considered a “weirdo” due to her family house history, too much lost in her mind and a bit too childish and chatterbox. The fact that she isn’t really ambition (a thing that made her Slytherin best friend really angry) makes people think that she isn’t a good company. In reality she like to learn new things: in fact, she’s top of her - favorite - class, but she hate to look like a know-it-all.

↦ Hobbies

book, library, and study image adventure image music, vintage, and record image camera, vintage, and photography image
Being a the only child of her family, she used to stay alone: she like to spend her time in the library, both for studying or personal readings, but also enjoy company of her friends, especially outside: you won't be amazed to find her with Charlie hanging out near the Forbidden Forest to study some Magical Creature in the middle of the winter. She also like to listen to muggle vynils and photographing everything.

↦ Family Story

slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter and pureblood image
Pureblood, Slytherin family considered "blood-traitor" because they sympathize with the muggle community and don't believe in a world of "pureblood" wizard supremacy. Being hunted by Dead Heaters, they ended up moving from country to country, changing frequently their original last name. Right now the currently location in unknown, but probably the family live in a little village of only wizards, hide from the muggle-eyes.


↦ House

and, black, and filter image hufflepuff, yellow, and harry potter image
A simple, proud Hufflepuff :)

↦ Pet

owl and tree image owl, animal, and vintage image
A little Owl, practical (for send letters!) but also very cute! And easily to hide if she want to take him somewhere ;)

↦ Wand

harry potter image harry potter, hogwarts, and wand image harry potter, magic, and wand image Image by KG_ravenclaw
Laurel wood, Dragon heartstring core, 9 ¾ in length, slightly Yielding flexibility.

↦ Patronus

bird, fog, and crow image bird, black and white, and crow image Image removed Lady gaga, black and white, and crow image
Pottermore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

↦ Favourite Spells

light, fireworks, and sparkle image mirror, black and white, and photography image harry potter, wand, and magic image fire, hand, and aesthetic image
Lumos, Legilimens, Accio, Bluebell Flames

Hogwarts Life

↦ Favourite Classes

dark, witch, and fantasy image stars, blue, and ravenclaw image antique, earth, and classroom image harry potter, plants, and hogwarts image
Potions, Astronomy, Defence against the Dark Arts, Herbology

↦ Favourite Extra Curricular Classes

harry potter, newt scamander, and occamy image Image removed
Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies

↦ Favourite professors

harry potter, severus snape, and snape image pomona sprout image
What else I can say?

Free Time

↦ Friends

90s, alternative, and nirvana image boy, ginger, and aesthetic image hair and aesthetic image pretty little liars, sasha pieterse, and pll image zac efron, boy, and Hot image Image by larksings
Nymphadora Tonks, Charlie Weasley, Merula Snyde, Penny Haywood, Barnaby Lee, Bill Weasley

↦ Club

Abusive image harry potter, slytherin, and potion image harry potter and chocolate frogs image art, indie, and aesthetic image
Magical Creature Club, Potions Club, Wizard Card Collectors' Club, Diagon Alley Art Club

↦ Favourite places at Hogwarts

harry potter and potion image harry potter, hogwarts, and plants image blue, stars, and aesthetic image nature, boat, and lake image
Potions Class, Hufflepuff Common Room, Astronomy Tower, the Lake

After Hogwarts

↦ Job

dragon, fantasy, and mountains image witch, magic, and book image
Magical Creatures Healer
harry potter, hp, and sirius image harry potter image
She's also part of the Order of Phoenix

↦ (Unrequited) Love Interest

harry potter, alan rickman, and severus snape image harry potter, alan rickman, and severus snape image
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