I will be giving you all a little guide to start your skincare routines. I'm going to give you credible info on the types of acne you have and how to treat them.

1. Pimples on your forehead

For those who have little bumps on their forehead it either means your stressed, puberty , or there's something wrong with your digestive system. Also it can also be a cause of dandruff , you hair carries bacteria so make sure to wash your hair because little pieces of hair touch your forehead. This can also be caused by lack of sleep and poor diet.

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  • Use the Noxzema cleansing cream
  • Relax a little and stop stressing
  • Drinking water / Detox Water (I'm serious)
  • Wash your face twice a day
  • Keep you hair away from your face
  • Rub Tea Tree oil & Apple Cider Vinegar on your forehead after a wash
  • Eat more fruits and avoid fats and sugar foods
  • Avoid direct sunlight (If your skin is sensitive it will irritate it)
  • Wash your hair , sometimes your hair can be dirty and cause bacteria which cause acne

2. Pimples on your cheeks

These pimples can be a cause of touching your face too much. It can also be a cause of eating too much greasy food. In addition to that smoking and stress can cause pimples on your cheeks.

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  • Clean around your face with lemon juice
  • Use a cleansing product to cleanse your face (I recommend Noxzema)
  • Wash your face after eating greasy food
  • Avoid putting scented products on your face
  • Stop smoking and stay away from toxic or polluted air

I need to say this, but lotion that are scented like Victoria Secret are not for your face ! those are body lotions....so for those who rub that are their face please stop doing it

3. Pimples on back/shoulders

Yes this is real ! people do have acne or maybe even rashes in their back but It's ok.... I'm here for y'all. This can mean that your pores are clogged with bacteria. If you stay with sweaty clothes for awhile this is mainly what caused this. People with body acne have sensitive skin meaning its more severe. But easily treatable.

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  • Take a shower and wash your gym clothes ASAP
  • Clean your sheets/pillows
  • Before going to bed add some anti-bacterial cream
  • Talk and go to a dermatologist if you have some serious concerns
  • If you have long hair make sure to wash it frequently and to avoid leaving it on your back, especially during night
  • Clean your phone screen (Your skin can get irritated when you talk on the phone and the screen touches the surface of your skin)

4. Pimples on chin

This is pretty natural, for females it most likely means your about to get your period so there's really nothing you can do about it. These pimples are activated by hormones

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  • Just Drink some Detox water

5. Neck/Chest Acne

If you have neck acne its probably because your pores are clogged. Most likely you aren't washing your body regularly and you have dead and dry skin

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  • Moisturize your chest area
  • Use a cleansing product to remove bacteria
  • Use a cream that had Salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide
  • Tie your hair up if it reaches your neck
  • Keep some baby wipes when your on the go and wipe your neck when you feel sweaty

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