Hi lovelies,
in this article I will give you some recommendations for your prom night.

Step1: Dress
The first and the most important part of the night is a dress (well for girls lol) It's always hard to choose between so many designs cause you want to look perfect and it will take a long time to find the dress of your life. I would suggest to try on some different styles. It doesn't matter what dresses look like or what color they are. First of all find a style and then a dress, cause many designs look beautiful but they might not suit your body type.

I personally highly recommend Sherri Hill. It's my favorite brand and their designs are sooooo amazing. If you're not from the USA you can always find the dress you like and make someone sew it for you. What I do not recommend is ordering a dress online. You never know what arrives.

beautiful, dress, and sherri hill image

Step 2: Shoes
For girls it's always prettier to wear heels (even if they're too uncomfortable) So I would take two pair of shoes. In the beginning take pictures with your whole outfit, feel perfect for a while but then everyone starts dancing and having fun right? So why not change your shoes into something more comfortable and wear some flats or even Converse?

gif, glitter, and heels image
shoes image

Step 3: Jewelry
All I can say is "Shine bright like a diamond"

Image by Mouna DramaQueen

Step 4: Hair
I've seen so many girls with different hairstyles on Prom and honestly I don't really like them. I mean of course they are pretty but what can be better than a natural look? Just be you and try to style your hair in a natural way. Maybe some curls or waves.

beautiful, blonde, and curly image

Step 5: Bag
Of course you'll need something you can put your wallet, phone and other necessary stuff in. Take something small, simple but elegant. Bag is a big part of your outfit but we shall not forget what it's for. Something little and cute with a chain would be a perfect choice, cause you won't need to hold it all the time.

bag, pink, and YSL image