Hello everyone ♡

I've been running every day since summer started. The hardest part of running is starting; I feel like once you start you can't really stop, but that's just me.
I've always liked to run, it's my way to channel my feelings and emotions. It's also a moment where I give my mind a rest. I stop thinking about what I have to do during the day. It's just me, my music and my breath.

So, this is the playlist I've been listening to when I run. It motivates me and keeps me going. Hope you like it!

nike, fitness, and sport image pink, fitness, and sport image
  • Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons
  • Run Boy Run - Woodkid
  • Remember The Name - Fort Minor
  • POWER - Kanye West
  • Not Afraid - Eminem
nike, fitness, and fit image nike, fitness, and workout image
  • Centuries - Fall Out Boy
  • Survival - Eminem
  • Thunderstruck - AC/DC
  • Thunder - Imagine Dragons
  • Hall of Fame - The Script
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  • We Own It - 2 Chainz
  • Back In Black - AC/DC
  • Believer - Imagine Dragons
  • Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
  • Irresistible - Fall Out Boy
fitness, run, and nike image fitness, motivation, and fit image
  • The Pretender - Foo Fighters
  • 'Till I Collapse - Eminem
  • Savior - Rise Against
  • Immortals - Fall Out Boy
  • T.N.T. - AC/DC
fitness, motivation, and fit image workout, fitness, and sport image
  • The Final Countdown - Europe
  • All I Do Is Win - DJ Khaled
  • Satellite - Rise Against
  • Hell & Back - Kid Ink
  • Sucker For Pain - Lil Wayne

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