paris is one city that has been calling for me for a good time now. i don't even think i have to explain why, lmao. but i still will, because i oh so lustfully want to stand there. and i will. one day.

une - merci, gustave eiffel

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the eiffel tower.

i'm in love. i want to walk around it. i want be at the top. i want to be a few blocks away from it. i want to look at it from my hotel balcony. i want to look at it as the sun is rising and going down. it's pure art and it's one that i will never be able to stop studying.

deux - coffee shops, crêpes and macarons

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it's just a must. sitting outside in paris with your hot coffee and eating something sweet.

trois - parisian style

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let's agree that it's really romantic.

it's just really pretty. it's somewhat classy and stylish at the same time. and i want to pull out this outfit when i'm in paris.

quatre - la vie en rose

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i don't know why but whenever i think about roses, i think about paris. roses are by far the most classy flowers i know about. they might be overused, but they're pure elegance.

cinq - louvre

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who doesn't love art?

six - amour

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and i believe that i haven't met the one that i am supposed to go there with, yet. plus, i don't want to be a teenage girl when i'm in paris. i want to be a woman. but i will happily wait for the right time to arrive.

love, camilla

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