I'm officialy back to articles after 1 week off because I couldn't write. My favorite types of articles are travel ones and I want my whole life will be a travel life. In this article I'm gonna show you some summer destinations to go. I decided to do an article about greek places and another one from abroad.


1. Maldives

summer, beach, and Maldives image beach, summer, and travel image summer, beach, and Maldives image beach, summer, and dress image

2. Bora Bora

beach, summer, and sea image sea, summer, and beach image bora bora, summer, and blue image girl, summer, and dress image

3. Bahamas

ocean, bahamas, and sea image summer, pool, and beach image food, sea, and beach image bikini, girl, and los angeles image

4. Miami

city, photography, and sunset image summer, sky, and palms image alcohol, drinks, and drugs image beach, city, and Miami image

5. Dubai

Temporarily removed Dubai, city, and luxury image city, fashion, and girl image beach, girl, and summer image

6. Las Vegas

Las Vegas, city, and light image we heart it, city, and new york image vintage, retro, and 50s image Las Vegas, Nevada, and city image

7. Maui, Hawaii

surf, ocean, and summer image beach, summer, and sea image beach, beautiful, and blue image Aloha, beach, and summer image

8. Capri, Italy

travel, capri, and wanderlust image italy, flowers, and travel image girl, travel, and summer image pool, travel, and city image

9. Los Angeles, California

Beverly Hills, e3, and emblem 3 - sunset blvd image hollywood, los angeles, and california image summer, sunset, and california image california, pink, and tumblr image

10. Rome, Italy

rome, travel, and italy image rome, italy, and travel image travel, rome, and city image girl, travel, and italy image

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