I talked about fears in my last article and surprising, it talks at a lot of people and you appreciate it. I'm so glad that this article helps you by different ways because it was the purpose. I'm not the best to write(especially in English) but I wanted to share some words, some point of view about a subject which affects me.

I finally decided to do something that's really scares me. For several years, I always wanted to share my passion for singing at peoples but a voice in my head forbade me to do it. Why? Because I scared of a lot of things like: If a person I know see my cover or criticize. But you can't always be in this feeling. You need to do what is the best for you and what makes you happy. This is the goal of your life, you are the only one to decide what to do and how. So after a long reflexion, I put myself out and I did it.
I start a few weeks ago my instagram page where I post covers.

Image by SmoothVoices

To accomplish one of the things I want the most, I need you! If you take just 2 minutes of your precious time to check out my instagram page and if you want tell me your opinion, it will be so nice and I would appreciate. I post my link below and you can click on it


With all my love, Coline 💞