Hello! This is my first short story in English \o/
Hope you like it
The horse came back alone.

Sixteen days had past. He had one job: go to Warmouth castle and persuade Lord Warmouth to help us with our uninvited guests. We have been in the middle of a siege for at least two months and we are losing. We managed to open a bridge to get someone out to find help but even that probably cost Sebastian's life.

Sebastian was my older brother. The future Lord Sebastian of Peyton’s Castle. And now that my father died with the flu that as been killing more than the hunger, I’m in charge. Lady Emilia. Eighteen years old. Unmarried.With no man in the castle.
My mother should know what to do, but she died giving birth to my little brother who just turned five years old.

“My lady? May I?”– I was still staring at the close gates from where the horse has arrived. No sign of Sebastian. – “the horse has blood on him. Probably they encountered some fight. There's the possibility of someone recognize Lord Sebastian and got him kidnapped. Maybe we can pay the ransom.’'

“I'm sorry, Sir Cameron, but if the horse is here, He is dead.” – Sebastian would never left without Flyer, his trusty stallion. I swallow the tears and clear the throat – “arrange me a meeting with Lord Edward.”

My father will never allowed me, or anyone, to negotiate with Lord Edward. He and his family wanted our lands since the beginning of times. Always trying to invade our lands, houses and now the castle. But my father isn't here anymore.

Four hours later Sir Cameron come back. He look so small. Not long ago, Sir Cameron was big and protective. He use to look like a mountain. Now, he is starving just like all of our soldiers.

“He want you to go to him.” – The trusty commander spoke slowly. “I don’t think it’s a good idea."

“It isn’t. Send word again. We will meet in the middle. On the side of the river, near the watermill. Tomorrow when the sun is between the green hills.”

Didn’t took long to Lord Edward accepted the meeting. Sir Cameron was worried of what was I thinking. Everyone was. Although no one had the guts to tell me.

“we are dieing. We have no more grains. Even the water can’t be use because they poisoned the water springs. We need to negotiate or we will starve.” – I need to think about my people now. And military solutions are not at the table. What’s left of our soldiers are dieing of flu or starving themselves to left the little food we still have for the woman and children.

“Be carefull my Lady. The Woodlanders are not trustworthy. They are known to deceive and seduce everyone in the country. Then when the people think they are good, they strike. They kill our Lords, they rape our women, they burn our lands, they loot our castles. Never trust any of them.”

“I will be carefull, Sir Cameron. I know what I’m doing ' – did I? I guess we will see it tomorrow by the river.

To be continued…