Sometimes we just need to take a break. A break to calm down, figure things out and think about things in a different way. Today I am taking a break and I want you to take one with me.

Settle down

Position yourself. Clean your room, go to a nice cafe or sit in a park. Find a place where you feel at ease and examine it. Know where you are and feel the atmosphere.

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Now listen

Put on your favourite playlist, preferably something calm, or just your all time favourite album. Let the music accompany your train of thought.

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Get it out

Get stuff out of your head. Write it down. You can write down your bad thoughts, your insecurities, things you don't understand, or just simple stuff, like a to do list, or a list of things that make you happy. Now your thoughts are catchable. You can hold them in your hands. It helps you experience them in a different way.

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Do what you love

After the thoughts are out, there is room for creativity and activity. You can do anything. Draw, take pictures, read, sing, dance, eat, drink, talk or just breathe. Try something new (like writing your first article). Treat yourself. Love the place you're in and (try to) love yourself.

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This was my first article, just to try it out. I hope you liked it. x