Life Of The Party
»We don't have to be ordinary
Make your best mistakes
'Cause we don't have the time to be sorry«
»Hearts are gonna break«
»Your bitter heart cold to the touch«
Never Be Alone
»When you fall asleep tonight
Just remember that we lay under the same stars«
I Don't Even Know Your Name
»Sometimes it's hard to stand out
And you don't have to do anything else
But be yourself«
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Radio City Music Hall
Something Big
»Take this spark
And start a fire«
»Two sided story it all depends«
»Truth is that no one can replace me«
»Tried to fix me up but I'm not broken«
»I've been making someone wait for me«
This Is What It Takes
»'Cause underneath the darkness
There's a light that's trying so hard to be seen«
»This is typical of love«
I Know What You Did Last Summer
»I didn't mean it«
»Let's write our story«
»We wrote our story«
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The Voice Kids
»Do I ever cross your mind?«
Three Empty Words
»We'll play the songs we used to love
While we try to fall in love again«
»'Cause we can't fix what's broken«
Don't be a fool
»'Cause I'm just a mess
You don't wanna fix«
»I don't think you'll ever understand«
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»And everything I said, I swear I meant it«
Bad Reputation
»Mistakes we all make them«
»Am I turning into someone else?«
»'Cause we all get lost sometimes«
Hold On
»I don't know what
You're going through
But there's so much life
Ahead of you«
There's Nothing Holding Me Back
»She says that she's never afraid«
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In My Blood
»Keep telling me that it gets better
Does it ever
»I get a little bit nervous around you
Get a little bit stressed out when I think about you«
Lost In Japan
»Do I gotta convince you?
That you shouldn't fall asleep?«
Where Were You In The Morning
»How could you make me believe?
That there was something in between you and me«
Like To Be You
»Tell me what's inside of your head
No matter what you say I won't love you less
And I'd be lying if I said that I do«
Fallin' All In You
»If I'm dreaming, baby, please don't wake me up«
Particular Taste
»Never pickin' up a phone 'less it rings twice«
»I don't know why I won't admit that you're all I want«
Because I Had You
»Should've told you not to go
Thought I knew just what I wanted
I didn't know myself at all«
»There's nothin' left to lose«
»It's hard to believe you don't remember me at all
Am I hard to recognize?«
»Pain, but I won't let it turn into hate«
»Never losing sight of the one I keep inside«
»You can't take my youth away
This soul of mine will never break«
»do I mean anything?«
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Perfectly Wrong
»our love is drunk«
When You're Ready
»When I look across the room, you're staring right back at me
Like somebody told a joke and we're the only ones laughin'«
»And if I have to, I'll wait forever«
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