Someone asked me about you. And I was like? Uh! Uh! Here we go again. It`s not like I don`t want to talk about you it`s just that I am out of words to say when it comes to you. I don`t even know where and how to start. So, I started it with a smile. A smile that I don`t have any idea what it looks like. I told him how good, caring and loving you are. How your laugh made my day. Your laugh was my all time favorite sound into my ear. While talking, I noticed that my tears slowly falling down. (Ugh! I`m not done talking yet!) I tried to pull myself back and continue talking. I wanted to make it short so I told him how I deal the pain on the day you left us. I was not ready. We are all not ready at all. It was so hard but then as times goes by I realized that there is no such thing as ready in this world. (Reality check). Then i stopped talking and I asked myself how did I deal the pain on that time by the way? Why is that until now it really hurt so bad. And then I broke down in tears when I told him that it is so hard when you don`t have your father with you. I need my dad. I want my dad back. :( I know I already accept the fact that you are no longer with us right now it`s just that sometimes I really wanted to talk to you about everything just like before. Wanted to lay down on your chest until i fall asleep. Wanted to hear your laugh and annoying jokes again. I am jealous with those people who still have their father with them, But I think it`s always like this when someone ask me about you. I will just smile and cry at the same time. It`s not that I am sad, yeah I admit the fact that you are no longer with us but still I am happy. I am happy because I got the chance to spent the ups and downs with you. I know we haven`t talk that much about things the days before you died. At your wake, your friends came and telling stories of how goo friend you are and how happy and proud you are to have me as your daughter. I broke down in tears that night and I think that`s enough for me. Knowing your father is proud of you. You will always my guardian angel dad. I will never ever not to love you. I love you dad so much. I miss you everyday.

Hi guys its my first time to write. This is so special for me. Happy Fathers Day to all Daddy`s in the world. Thank You. :)