A - Age

balloons, party, and pink image birthday, balloons, and girl image
I'm 15, my birthday is on March 14.

B- Best feature

makeup, eyes, and eye image makeup, eyes, and eyelashes image
My eyes.

C- Colour

orange, flowers, and aesthetic image flowers, orange, and rose image
My favorite color is Orange.

D- Deepest Regret

black and white, girl, and pain image pink and roses image
My deepest regret was getting my heart broken over this boy and not telling my family about it.

E- Everyday starts with..

book, candle, and autumn image pink, coffee, and cup image
My morning starts with either writing in my journal or reading. I also enjoy a warm cup of tea.

F- Favourite T.V show(s)

fashion, heidi klum, and project runway image once upon a time image
My favourite T.V show at the moment is project runway and Once upon a time.

G- Greatest Accomplishments (So Far)

beautiful, quote, and accept image quotes, love, and love yourself image
Accepting myself even through the worse and letting myself know that with a little hard work I can meet my dreams.

H- Height

fashion, girl, and style image fashion, girl, and tommy hilfiger image
I'm 5'3 tall.

I- In love with...

boy, tumblr, and manu rios image boy, Hot, and eyes image
Boys. 💘

J- Job of my dreams.

Prada, luxury, and architecture image white and interior image
Becoming a fashion designer and an entrepreneur.

K- Kids I want.

cat, cute, and girl image cute, batman, and boy image
Two kids, a boy, and a girl.

L- last thing I ate

food, fries, and yummy image food, fries, and yummy image
Homemade chips.

M- Magical Power

photography and magic image galaxy and magic image
Magic manipulation- The ability to manipulate energy around to form magic.

N- Number of siblings.

enfant, paris, and tess image babes, babies, and children image
I only have one younger brother.

O- One Favourite song

flowers, aesthetic, and music image flowers, guitar, and music image
Classic- MKTO

P- Person I last texted

girl, friends, and tumblr image friends, girl, and squad image
My besties. Love you guys so much

Q- Question I'm always asked

Image by Kelsey Image removed
Why are you so small?

R- Reasons to smile

girl, photography, and smile image gençler image
Always smile over the little things.

S- Sexuality

rose, flowers, and red image Image by Reverie
I'm straight

T- Time i wake up

coffee, rose, and makeup image alone, breakfast, and girl image

U- underwater

ocean, nature, and sea image animal and sea image
A Stingray

V- Vacation places

Image removed disney image
Disneyland in south Korea

w- worst habit

Image by Viktoria🥀 aesthetic, black, and flower image
letting people walk all over me and procrastinating.

X- X-rays I've done

butterfly, x-ray, and spine image butterfly, love, and stomach image
Most of my x-rays I have done were mainly on my spine.

Y- your favourite drink

coffee, lovers, and peace image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image
Hot Chocolate or chocolate milkshake

z- Zodiac sign

art image girl, sea, and drawing image

So this is my first article. I hope you enjoyed it. See you guys in my next one.