1. play with shadows
2. shoot from different perspectives
3. shoot through different objects (glass, prism, curtains...)

aesthetic, aesthetics, and lipstick image

4. take photos of people you love and tell them you love them
5. make sure your photo is straight

sunset, beach, and nature image

6. shoot really close or really far away for interesting shots
7. play with mirrors and reflections

mirror, beautiful, and model image

8. spray water on glass for window effect

rain, girl, and drops image

9. take photos of reflection in puddles
10. play with different lights

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11. shoot in direct sunlight
12. take photos of scars, every scar has a story and a meaning

art, girl, and back image

13. take photos of body parts (back, collarbone, lips...)
14. be spontaneous, take photos of natural movements and reactions
15. cigarette smoke