these are my favorite movies that i reccomend to you!

mean girls

gif, mean girls, and movie image
this is the most iconic movie ever! this movie is telling us about 'the plastics'

harry potter : the goblet of fire

harry potter, black and white, and mermaid image
this is my favorite harry potter series, because there are much cool characters that only appears in this series like cedric diggory, viktor krum, and also merpeople

the greatest showman

gif, heart, and hugh jackman image
there are thousand lessons in this movie, this is the greatest movie ever!

kissing booth

gif, joey king, and Elle image
this is a romantic and funny movie, this movie is about elle evans' friendship and love life problem.

princess diaries

gif, the princess diaries, and el diario de la princesa image
this movie is about a girl ( amelia thermopholis ) that turns out to be a princess of genovia, but before being a princess, she has to learn 'how to be princess' with her grandma.

black panther

black panther, Marvel, and t'challa image
i can't describe this movie,it's so breathtaking, so futuristic, wakanda forever!

the lovely bones

2009, escape, and blonde image
overall, this movie is about a serial killer ( mr. harvey ) that have been killed many children, it can makes you anxious, scared, and nervous at the same time.

the sound of music

gif, julie andres, and musical image
this is also an iconic movie, this is a movie about a prospective nune ( maria ) that got a task to teach in someone house that have 7 naughty children, when she became clsoer with the children, suddenly she in love with the children's dad ( Captain Von Trapp )

these are the movies i recommend to you guys, i hope you'll like the movie like i do, thank you guys for reading, luv u guys!