hi everyone!
i usually don't write articles because i suck at them but it's worth a shot, right?

today i'm going to be sharing with you my top 5 june favorites!! (not sponsored btw.)

—1/5: LO-FI.

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who ever knew music could be so relaxing?

for a while, i've been aware of the genre "lo-fi" but i never really got into it until i saw a girl at my local library listening to it. i've been loving it a lot lately and it really helps me focus and relax.
you can listen to it on youtube where there are tons of livestreams, some of them 24 hours!
seriously, it's so underrated, it's great.

—2/5: UBER EATS.

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food at your door? yes pleaseeee.

i'm a lazy person that loves food so when i first found out about uber eats, i was like UM YES PLEASE??. i've been getting it a lot lately because it's just so convenient and amazing.
you can download uber eats here:


love, ahs, and american horror story image ahs, american horror story, and asylum image american horror story, ahs, and freak show image asylum, ahs, and american horror story image
so what if i'm crazy? all the best people are.

i've seen people talk about this show for years and i was never really interested in it until it was in my netflix inbox and i thought i would give it a try. i love this show already (i'm on season 2) and wow. it's really good!! <3 i love tate sfm wowow.


alex ernst and david dobrik image vlog, alex ernst, and bignik image david dobrik, smile, and youtube image liza koshy, david dobrik, and couple image
da vlog squaddd!! *whips*

i've been watching david for a while now but this month i have committed to watching ALL of his vlogs. i don't even know, man.. i'm obsessed hahaha. (i need help rn)

—5/5: ALIENS.

Image by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ alien, grunge, and dark image alien, warning, and grunge image aesthetic, aliens, and black image
is it super something else...?

i don't care if i sound crazy right now but i believe aliens are real. i always have my whole life but this month i've been watching a lot of documentaries on them and i'm like in love with them. don't believe in them? you're the crazy one. um hello there's no way we are the only living things on earth.

hope you enjoyed my june favorites!! you should def check these things out!! see ya soon xo.