Sometimes we don't know how to feel, we feel emotionless. We don't feel anything at all. Emptiness has filled our bodies, yes filled our bodies to leave us empty. leaving us We are trying to find a place in our hearts that gives us light to find our way, to guide us, to lead us.

We feel confused and lost, and we let the emptiness swallow us. We think there's no way out to how we feel... or how we not feel.
We are trying to escape from us, but we can't because we are in this body forever.

But we can't let emptiness have power over us, we can't let emptiness live and grow on our bodies for the rest of our lives. Time heals our bodies, soul, mind and heart. You will find a way to your happiness and light will fill your soul and make you feel alive again, suddenly everything you saw grey will be filled with color, and light and will make you glow from the inside out.

I promise you that soon you will filled with joy and happiness and light. You will find a way, you will find a way out of that emptiness. There's always a way out of it. Don't let emptiness win the battle over you. YOU HAVE THE MOST POWER OVER YOU.
Don't give up.

Sophia Moreno x


Please always know that i'm always here for anyone that needs to talk to someone. You are never alone.

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