Summer goals: -lighter hair
-darker skin
-wavy hair
-natural glow

These are just a few of many summer goals to improve one's look.

Quick disclaimer: everyone is beautiful in their own way and doesn't need to glow up. This post is just for those who want to improve themselves and their self confidence.

Getting lighter hair naturally over summer is a good way to keep your hair healthy and to improve your self confidence. It also makes your skin look darker and more sun kissed. How I do this is by mixing lemon juice, water, and sea salt into a spray bottle and spray it in my hair before going into the sun.

A sun kissed look is very desirable over the summer. Coming from someone who doesn't really get tan, it can be hard to be successful in this mission. How I have managed to cope with this is to spend all day in the sun. Tanning strait from the sun is a large cause for skin cancer so please stay safe. Basically my advice is to put on SPF 30 sunscreen and go swimming. The sunscreen is powerful enough to not get you burnt, but can still allow you to get tanner. Going swimming or a to a lake/beach allows the water to reflect the sun on your skin.

Getting wavy hair is much simpler then it seems. What I do is put loose dutch braids in my hair while it is dry. Then I lightly spritz it with water so it is barely damp. Then I go catch some zzs then dampen my hair one last time in the morning before I take the braids off.

One of the biggest parts to getting a natural glow is getting a good amount of sleep. Since it is summer, it might be strange to sleep but this allows you to look less rested and allows your body to recharge from all of the sun.

Another key is to have confidence. Feeling good about yourself is a big key because if you appear confident you seem so much happier and just have an amazing glowing quality.

Here are some other helpful tips for summertime:

-always cover your head if you are in the sun for a while because it prevents scalp sunburn which can cause dandruff
-apply chap stick with spf to your lips
-put on aloe vera on your skin after staying in the sun for a long time to prevent sunburn before it gets worse
-don't apply heat products to your hair very often if you are going to go in the sun anyways
-go night swimming to get tan without applying sunscreen
-just remember to have fun and enjoy it while it lasts!