Hey guys! I am back with another playlist called "Feelings Come Out at Night." I created this playlist because I don't really have any music in my library that is solely something I can vibe to any time of the week or day. Something that isn't too "romantic" but a playlist that will definitely set the mood. There is one song that inspired the playlist called "Keep Cool" by JADA or you may have heard "The One" with Alina Baraz ft. JADA with a slightly different version than the original by JADA. I've sung both versions a dozen times because they're so relaxing to listen to and the vocals are amazing.

The playlist is primarily composed of artists I never heard before. I did this to expand my taste in artists, besides what's wrong with switching it up a little? So far I like PLAZA, Healy, and Ravenna. Down below is six songs that I recommend from the playlist for you guys to hear first, keeping in mind that I'm still adding songs.

1. All Mine - PLAZA
2. Wylin' - Always Never
3. The Way You Make Me Feel - Elyah, Jonah
4. Unwind - Healy
5. Wherever U Go - Ravenna
6. Neither Do I - Stwo ft. Jeremih

Check out the link to listen to "Feelings Come Out at Night" on Spotify and be sure to follow my Spotify account for more playlists in the future. Happy listening and I'll see you guy soon.