Some nice things to do when summer heats up, school is out and the flowers are in full bloom. A well-thought-out plan to make sure you never get bored over summer break!

Carnivals (if they are still out)

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Go to the ferris wheel, eat funnel cake, play lucky ducks, buy tickets, try cotton candy

Kayaking + Canoeing

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There's a river that runs through my local park and you can rent out boats there. It's a lot of fun, you can unplug for a while, watch the rips in the stream, and the birds while you row down the river.

Sightseeing in your city

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Pretend to be a tourist and plan a day in your city. Go to the monuments, museums, and all the memorials

Art galleries

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You can either go to a national art museum, gallery, or you can do like I do and visit a college art gallery on their campus or even go and visit a local art gallery in town.

Go to sports games

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Go to your home baseball game, basketball, soccer game, football game, or your home sports team in general.


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Ride a bike, skateboard, roller skate, or take a long walk in your community.

Painting and Journaling

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Choose a nice calm space and paint whatever you see whether it be the flowers blooming outside, or the teardrop rain, or a tea mug, paint it, sketch it! Journaling, reading, napping, just relax and live life freely!

Watch classic movies while bathing + outside

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I would recommend Casa Blanca, Sunset Boulevard, and The Big Sleep. For classic TV shows, I would say I love Lucy, the Dick Van Dyke show, and even Sanford and Son and Golden Girls.

Movie Night with the crew + significant other

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Watch your favorite movies and wine down and maybe some Netflix n chill.

The Pool

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Go to the pool or befriend someone who has one lol. Swimming in the cool brisk water and playing tag in the 6ft level. Maybe water frisbie too that I suck at.


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You can relax, have peace, and really think deeply about things. This one is on my bucket list too.

Rock Climbing or Hiking

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This one is tiring but relaxing especially if your bring your wildest friends and the clown of the group. Its filled with giggles and bobs burger jokes. I'm thinking of the episode 'a river runs through bob'

Camping + Pow Wow

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Get a group or friends together and camp in the back yard or even drive out to a local camping ground or national park.

Arcades + Game night

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Going to an arcade is tons of fun, not only do you get to hang out with friends but you can also eat a lot of pizza

Amusement Parks

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A big kid park for you and your friends plus food

Road Trip in your country

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Get your closest friends and hit the road, get an old-fashioned map (or keep GPS), some junk food, sunscreen, and travel around the states.

That's it, now plan your SUMMER!

Have a great summer my squash blossoms and keep it spicy! 😄

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