When I finished my last final, I could not have been more happy. When the bell rang, I eagerly went home. After saving many Pinterest boards and creating an amazing summer bucket list I was set for the "best summer ever".

The first week was great. Going to the pool with friends every day and getting ice cream, summer goals, am I right?

Week two, I had to babysit twenty three kindergartens at once. This "fun hobby" is most commonly known as "camp counselor". At least I was with my best friend.

Week three rapidly approached and I started to ponder what I am doing with my summer. I also started tennis camp. Tennis has always been an outlet for me. While this was only last week, I still regret the funk that I went in after I lost all my self confidence.

Approaching into week four I am doing you guessed it more tennis. I will be away from home which will give me time to plan how to improve the rest of my summer.