Hello reader!

I've been trying to be more active around here and found this tag that I thought would be interesting for my followers, who don't mind knowing a little bit about me. I would love to read your answers so I left at the end an easy copy+paste version.

Now lets get started.

a | age

26 and counting

fashion, style, and outfit image

b | best feature

probably my eyes

girl, makeup, and fashion image

c | color

really into greenish colors atm

outfit and fashion image

d | deepest regret

not working harder

white, black, and interior image

e | everyday starts with

breakfast of course

food, breakfast, and pancakes image

f | favourite show

this is us and big little lies have been my most recent favorites

jack, series, and this is us image

g | greatest accomplishment

going back to school and getting the degree i always wanted

quote image

h | height


fashion, outfit, and style image

i| in love with

anything that inspires me

quotes, yellow, and warm image

j | job of my dreams

having my own design studio, with a little cafe and stationary shop

decor, design, and interior image

k | kids i want

probably one

baby image

l | last thing i ate


food, pasta, and delicious image

m | magical power

to heal pain

love, couple, and sea image

n | number of siblings

two, i'm the oldest

friends, fashion, and girl image

o | one favorite song

this one is hard

girl, music, and room image

p | person i last texted

my cousin

fashion, girl, and winter image

q | question i'm always asked

annoyingly, if i'm working/where i'm working

girl image

r | reasons to smile

living in a beautiful safe place

sea, travel, and beach image

s | sexuality

don't know what this refers to

Image by .vous`oui◦

t | time i wake up

normally around 8

girl, bed, and morning image

u | underwear color

almost always black

girl, sexy, and lingerie image

v | vacation place

last time i took a vacation was in 2011, it's sad i know

beach, summer, and photography image

w | worst habbit

biting my nails

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

x | x-rays i've had

don't really know, one that i can remember

Mature image

y | your favorite drink


fashion, style, and YSL image

z | zodiac sign


white image

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it. Please be free to suggest any type of article you would like me to write.


Copy+paste the tag:

a | age* b | best feature* c | color* d | deepest regret* e | everyday starts with* f | favourite show*g | greatest accomplishment* h | height* i| in love with* j | job of my dreams* k | kids i want* l | last thing i ate* m | magical power* n | number of siblings* o | one favorite song* p | person i last texted* q | question i'm always asked* r | reasons to smile* s | sexuality* t | time i wake up* u | underwear color* v | vacation place* w | worst habbit* x | x-rays i've had* y | your favorite drink* z | zodiac sign*